Doing the responsible thing: Our response to the ALJ's recommendation

Enbridge is pleased that the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) has listened to the extensive evidence that there's need for this safety-driven maintenance project. In her report, the Judge reaffirmed that Line 3 pipeline is important today, will continue to be long into the future, and clearly should be replaced.

However, the ALJ's suggestion of an alternative route ignores the extensive record compiled by the State of Minnesota in issuing a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement that incorporates input from thousands of Minnesotans who are in favor of our preferred route.

The preferred route represents our ongoing commitment to design a route that best balances all the relevant rule criteria, achieves minimization of impacts on human populations and environmental resources, constructability and maximizes operational feasibility.

Ultimately, Enbridge's preferred route provides the best balance for people and the environment.

Interested in learning more? Here is our review of the ALJ Report, including a chart on how our route stacks up against the others.

View our presentation

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